Google Searches That I Love: Top 10

1 The Name You Own

When I Googled my name, I got results for, but none of them were relevant to me. Google returned a single photo of her from a few years ago when my sister searched for her name. My sister claims that this classmate who was secretly crushing on her even stalked her when she discovered a presentation he had made. The terrifying prezi was a letter addressed to her. It’s fascinating to see what comes up when you search Google with your name.

I am totally not alone; someone on social media shares my first and last name :-0. In terms of interests and gender, there is no difference. I would lose it if they knew my middle name.

Funny thing is, even though I’m not a fan of football, when I searched for my name, all that came up were football-related results.

2 The Finest Ten

User-generated content predominates on the 2005-founded and -created countdown website TheTopTens. In addition to seeing user-created remixes, visitors can also vote, comment, and like other remarks. Additional site capabilities, such as the ability to create lists, remixes, posts, messages, and follow others to have content in one’s own feed, are accessible to registered users. As of 2022, it boasts more than 200,000 lists.
If you search for music lists, this will always be the first result. And that is how I came across this website. I am unable to depart from the site due to the abundance of lists, as well as the fantastic people and blogs.

This was completely accidental for me. I typed “Best Country in the World” into Google and clicked. After I stepped inside, I made sure to secure the door. I am now bewildered, unable to discern my way home, as I am ensnared in a maze of lists.

It was not my intention to find myself in this situation. Best SpongeBob Episodes – was the first result that up when I searched for SpongeBob once, so I visited that site. It ended up being an excellent website!

3 Games to Enjoy

4 lyrics

If you look for a few lines of a song’s lyrics and come across a LiveJournal page labeled with those lyrics, you can tell it’s from the 2000s.

Thanks to the incredible Google, I was able to memorization some of the most difficult song lyrics. May search engines be praised.

Song lyrics are so cool.

5 videos on YouTube

With headquarters in San Bruno, California, USA, YouTube is a video-sharing service that operates on a worldwide scale. Three people who have worked for PayPal before founded the service on February 14, 2005. Google acquired it for $1.65 billion in November 2006. Among the most popular websites, YouTube ranks second, behind only Google Search. As of 2022, Susan Wojcicki is the current chief executive officer of YouTube.
In the beginning, there was a video called “Me at the zoo” published by Jawed Karim on April 23, 2005….find out more.
Ought should be greater. Finding new movies to watch on YouTube is something I do all the time. I think it belongs in the top five!

6 Premiere Teasers

7 hens

Even though High School DxD isn’t hentai, she’s far more perverse than the average student. Mankitsu Happening is probably my favorite, however I would have preferred a hotter boy.

Absolutely, wholeheartedly. Doing a Google search for “hentai” while you’re home alone and bored is, well, enjoyable.

Hey there! Taking a moment to reflect every so often is a good idea. I mean, it’s not like I really enjoy it!

8 Christ Jesus

Located in Palestine, Bethlehem was the birthplace of Jesus Christ. As stated in Matthew 1:18, “she was found with child of the Holy Ghost” refers to his mother, Mary. His deity coexisted with his humanity (John 20:28). He is the one and only God, says the Bible (Deuteronomy 6:4).
Jesus came to earth to save sinners and bring them redemption, says the Christian Bible. During his time on Earth, Jesus restored life to the dead, healed the ill, and more.
Jesus Christ is a good place to start your search. When you put your faith in Him as your Savior, you will experience true joy because you will know that He alone can take the punishment for your sin. Put your trust in Him; He is a just judge.

We should worship God. This entire universe and every living thing in it were created by him! To God be the glory. When we sinned, he sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross.

That ought to be the first one. Among all those he has helped, he is number nine. Holy cow.

9 Notable People

Searching Google for celebrity news is basically my entire life. I’m having a blast. What I mean is that I am not a gossip. I simply wish to stay updated on their professional news, view their interviews, and have a better understanding of who they are. Wow, it’s incredible!

Aww, no! Oh, how I adore Hollywood, gossip, and famous people. Their shoe sizes are of particular interest to me. Always in short supply!

A lot of the time, I do this.

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