Top 10 Fan Theories That Outshine the Films in Quality

It is to be expected that when a filmmaker crafts a universe and extends an invitation to enter it, the observer may perceive it differently. After all, with most films clocking in at no more than two hours, there just isn’t enough time to craft a rich backstory. A lot of space is left for interpretation and creativity here.Frequently, these fan theories are little more than wishful thinking that contributes nothing to the main storyline. On occasion, though, fans have suggested changes that enhance the film and make it worth seeing again from a new angle. I propose we take a look at 10 fan theories that outdo the films themselves.

10 The RMS Titanic

Rose contemplates plunging herself into the Atlantic, sparking the unexpected bond between Jack and Rose, two passengers on the Titanic. Rose considers suicide as an escape from her oppressive social class, her loveless engagement, and her mother’s demands.Because the water would be too chilly, Jack, who is never short of words, attempts to convince her not to. After telling her about his experience falling in when ice fishing with his dad, Jack assures her he understands what he’s talking about. You would think that’s all the information you need, but Jack throws in an extraneous detail: the ice fishing happened on Lake Wissota. Despite this, Lake Wissota was formed in 1917 as a result of a dam. After the Titanic went down five years ago.During the course of the four days, they talk about their future together, which strengthens their bond. It is Jack’s suggestion that you go on the Santa Monica Pier roller coaster. Beautiful, but they would have to hold off until 1916 because the roller coaster wasn’t there yet. Additional anomalies exist. The filtered cigarettes that Jack smokes weren’t even on the market yet, his knapsack was a prototype for the future, and his hairdo was more New-Romantic than pre-WWI.
Some viewers think James Cameron, who is known for his meticulousness, would never have allowed these mistakes to show in his film. Then, how does the fan hypothesis work? A time traveler named Jack returns to the past in order to save Rose.Without time travel, the film’s potential for a sequel is severely limited.

9 The Harry Potter Series

As an orphan, Harry endures a dull existence at the hands of the Dursley family. As a young boy of eleven, Harry finds the Dursley family—his aunt, uncle, and cousin—terrifying. But for what reason? As one might expect from a close cousin, Harry is a modest, kind, and likeable young man. Nothing on this planet should make them dislike Harry.We find out that both of Harry’s parents were wizards, and that he will attend a school where his natural magical abilities would be developed. In order for good to win over evil, Harry finds himself engaged in a battle with Voldemort, who is defended by Horcruxes.If anyone were to confront Voldemort, it would be Harry. The Dursleys hated him, but why? That is, unless Voldemort counts Harry among his horcruxes.In a horcrux, you find an embodiment of your very being. Since Voldemort could never kill his enemy without killing himself, it follows that Harry is vital to Voldemort’s existence if he is a Horcrux. In the movies, we observe that a Horcrux has the power to influence the surrounding emotional climate. It seems like Harry is having a bad impact on the Dursleys.If this theory holds, we’ll have to rewatch the entire series from a new perspective, and maybe we’ll feel sorry for the Dursleys this time.

8 Pulp Fiction

Jules and Vincent visit their boss Marsellus’s residence in the first scene of the film to retrieve a case. Marsellus may have a debt to the lads residing in the apartment, according to their chat. There is evidence that they own Marsellus’s attache case.The case is located by Vincent, who verifies that it contains the items they need. Jules and Vincent are opened fire at by one of the lads who brandishes a gun. Somehow, they have escaped unscathed. Someone plans to steal the case at the movie’s finale. As soon as Jules unlocks it, the thief is taken aback. We have no idea what’s inside.The gang boss Marsellus wears a mysterious bandage across the back of his head. According to one legend, the devil can gain access to your soul through the back of your skull. The case’s combination lock is “666.” Does the case hold the soul of Marsellus? Is Satan the one directing the plot?

7 A Gleaming

The idea that the Apollo moon landing of 1969 was staged is something that everyone is familiar with. Expert assistance was required for the authorities to pull it off. Stanley Kubrick, director of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), is the best choice for visual effects. Legend has it that Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film The Shining contains hints that amount to a confession from Kubrick himself.Now let’s think about the first book written by Stephen King. Danny sees the ghost of a single child in room 217, the “evil” chamber in the book. Room 237 is the new number Kubrick used in the film. There is a little over two hundred thirty thousand miles that separates Earth and the moon on average. In the film, Danny witnesses a pair of lifeless twins. Gemini, the astrological twins, were the inspiration for the Apollo program, therefore this must be a reference to them. Lastly, Danny’s sweater features a knitted depiction of the Apollo rocket.The term itself is a reflection of the moon. There is no ambiguity.

6 Oz: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Ozark Mountains have an otherworldly quality to them. There must be more going on than just a female attempting to return to Kansas, given how strange the characters are.According to one fan belief, the protagonist is the Cowardly Lion. As “The Great Commoner,” he stands in for William Jennings Bryan, a presidential contender. As a policy, Bryan despised the gold standard, which pegged the value of the dollar to the cost of gold. By this reading, “Oz” stands for an ounce, Dorothy for the average American, the Scarecrow for farmers, the Tin Man for factory workers, and the Wizard for our nation’s president.Gold is the yellow brick road that the band is traveling.

5 The Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka

Death traps in the form of highly sought-after tickets to the chocolate factory! The number of visitors decreases as they navigate the expansive facility using different vehicles. However, there is a finite amount of passengers that can fit in each car. It appears like everything is prearranged and that the guests are being secretly devoured by Willy and his crew, who could even be cannibals.Looking at the Johnny Depp–starring 2005 remake allows us to push this idea to its logical conclusion. Willy Wonka (Depp) tells the gang in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that anything they see is edible. “You can eat anything in this room. My dear children, eating another living being is considered cannibalism and is generally considered disgusting.Does it happen by chance?

4-The Matrix

The Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi claimed to have fantasized of being a butterfly in his fourth-century BC life. After waking up, he wasn’t sure if he was a man who had fantasized about being a butterfly or the other way around.In The Matrix, Neo faces a similar challenge. The “real” world may or may not be an illusion when he steps out of his fantasy world.Fans eagerly search the films for any hint that Neo is residing in a parallel universe. That clarifies a few mysteries of the “real” world.

3 Different Grease

Danny and Sandy meet on the beach, and their courtship, which includes all the typical teen drama, unfolds through song and dance. However, the widely-watched film features fantastical elements, particularly in the latter act, that don’t quite mesh with the plot.The story implies that Danny rescued Sandy from drowning, although it’s also possible that he didn’t. As Sandy drowns and dies, her imagination weaves a tale that Danny is powerless to stop.Right off the bat, Sandy says, “I’ve had the greatest summer of my life, and now I have to go away.”Yeah, but she’s dying, so it can’t be back to her home country of Australia. Everything works out for each individual because of this—it’s Sandy’s dying wish—and the picture becomes considerably darker as a result. Sandy may not be a unique name, but it has an unexpected bearing on her destiny.

2: The Lambs’ Quiet

This film has sparked numerous speculations among its fans. There are two that jump out and could alter your perspective.One shows how Hannibal transformed Buffalo Bill’s troubled personality into a murderer by preying on him while he was treating him. It was a policy for insurance. In the event that the FBI apprehended Hannibal and imprisoned him, he was well aware that they would require his assistance in apprehending Bill. Hannibal may take advantage of this circumstance to get out of his imprisonment.A second school of thought holds that the Federal Bureau of Investigations is training serial killers to become assassins. Clarice Starling is running for office, and Hannibal is already a part of it. Although this is a bit of a stretch, it will change your perspective on Clarice’s boss.

1 Transportation by Air, Rail, and Road

In order to be with his family for Thanksgiving, Neal is attempting to go back to Chicago. The terrible weather forces the airline to reroute his flight to Wichita. Here, Neal meets Del, an unwelcome journey companion. Their diametrically opposed personalities serve as the film’s comedic springboard. While Neal enjoys being in charge, Del can’t stop talking about his wife.After a series of unfortunate events, the two make it to Chicago. After that, they part ways, but Neal decides he should pursue Del, who he spots sitting alone at the train station. Since his loving wife Marie has been dead for years, Del acknowledges that he has nowhere to go. They set out toward Neal’s place, lugging Del’s bulky trunk.Marie, Del’s late wife, is believed by fans to be inside the trunk. Rewatching the film with the mentality of a mad killer will alter your perception.

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