The Top 10 Most Important Arguments in Favor of Naturism

It appears that naturism, or the recreation of nudity, was valued considerably more earlier in American history than it is now. Ben Franklin, for example, frequently took a bath in cold air while wearing his birthday suit outside. Walt Whitman, the renowned poet, was also fond of sunbathing in his underwear and wrote poetry praising the benefits of swimming in the nude. Given that President Theodore Roosevelt was known to stroll down to the Potomac River and jump in naked, it’s possible that the president was motivated by Whitman’s counsel. However, going around naked outside isn’t as common as it once was, and it’s outright illegal in most states. Interestingly, though, the pandemic appears to have given many naturists more opportunities, whether it’s through comfortably working from home or through personal expressions of liberation. It now represents environmental awareness as well. The number of members in naturist organizations and clubs in the United States and Europe has increased since 2020, and they tout the various benefits of leading a naturist lifestyle. So let’s examine these benefits by getting to the core of the issue.

10 Being at Ease with Your Own Skin

First-timers seldom exactly know what to anticipate from a nude beach, except maybe warm sand, cool water, and a general lack of clothing that could make them blush. But when they arrive, one of the first things they’ll undoubtedly notice is that everyone will be grinning! The truth is that engaging in nude recreational activities is beneficial to one’s mental well-being. An academic psychologist at the University of London is making an effort to demonstrate that leading a naturist lifestyle is enjoyable and content.
Dr. Keon West of Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, released the findings of three research he carried out in 2018 to attempt and determine how happy a naturist lifestyle may be. His initial research consisted of an online poll with 850 British participants of various racial and cultural origins. Not only did he determine that individuals who regularly engaged in group nudist activities were happier with their lives and their bodies, but he also discovered that the frequency of these activities positively correlated with overall pleasure! Two further studies were conducted at major public nudist parties, where the participants were interviewed shortly before removing their clothes and soon after the event while still naked. It appears that the more often individuals strip down together, the more comfortable they feel with themselves. After participating in group nudity, the participants’ level of body satisfaction and comfort was significantly higher than it was before. Researchers have known for decades that harboring negative body image issues can be a serious psychological problem, which is further exacerbated by the constant barrage of flawlessly posed images that bombard us on social media and in magazines. According to Dr. West, attending nude group events could be a practical and cost-effective way to relieve the individual burden of body dissatisfaction. He acknowledges that further study is necessary on the topic, though. [1] This should make for some really fascinating research topics down the road.

9 An Exceptional Method to Boost Your Social Life!

Living a nudist lifestyle is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. There are naturist clubs, associations, and secret beaches all throughout the nation. Many of them provide activities like hiking clubs, volleyball competitions, and even cocktail parties—all while guests are in the nude! Since 1931, the American Association for Nude Recreation has existed in some capacity following the acquittal of several individuals detained at a nudist club during a series of police raids by a New York State judge. The Naturist Society is another advocacy group with a similar affiliation; it was founded in 1980 and has over 20,000 active members on its quarterly publication, N magazine. The AANR boasts affiliation with approximately 180 clubs and resorts across North America and has served over 213,000 individual members. You’re really not trying hard enough if you can’t locate a comrade who isn’t wearing any clothes through these two groups. Alternatively, you might want to just show up at a venue where people are nude. When visiting San Diego, California, Black’s Beach in the La Jolla neighborhood is a great place to start. You’ll agree it was worth the hike after hiking down a long, precarious trail to reach a stretch of uncrowded, pristine beach that is more than a mile long and where nudity is tolerated. You can play around in your birthday suit or whatever, beneath the 300-plus foot high, precipitous cliffs atop which lies a popular glider port. As you look around, you’ll notice that most people are in groups. There will be volleyball teams, horseshoe competitions, amiable cookouts, and guys playing Frisbee. It’s likely that people are engaging in social activities for anything they do, be it birdwatching, drinking, surfing, or fishing, and that’s what makes it all so unique. Anyone can spend their time in their underwear by themselves at home (yawn), but socializing with others who share our values and support our desire to express ourselves in our undies is far more enjoyable. Additionally, regulars at beaches like Black’s keep an eye out for inappropriate behavior like obscene conduct, snapping pictures, or sexual violence. Additionally, they guard anyone (mostly women) who could be harassed in this way. The majority of naturists do not engage in nude leisure alone. We’re constantly discussing bosom buddies.[2]

8 Take Advantage of a Better Night’s Sleep

A genuine naturist is aware of the advantages of sleeping undressed. It’s absolutely time to give up your fleece pajamas and nightgown since you fall asleep faster and enjoy a better night’s sleep when you cool down. Plus, for optimal effects, try to maintain your bedroom at or near 65°F. Improved sleep is beneficial to your physical and mental health in addition to your mental health. For starters, getting enough sleep is essential for having healthy skin, and since naturalists typically have fair skin, it’s a win-win situation!Sleeping in a cold environment while nude increases the likelihood that you will burn calories while in bed, and women who sleep nude instead of in their panties, which can retain perspiration, have a lower risk of developing yeast infections. Additionally, men gain from this since cooler testicles at night result in more concentrated and abundant sperm, which raises fertility levels. All of this begs the question of why a young couple would decide against sharing a bed in the nude. While we’re at it, sharing a bed in the nude has additional, non-sexual benefits for a couple’s relationship. Both of them release oxytocin during skin-to-skin contact, which is a hormone that appears to strengthen relationships between couples. Studies reveal that oxytocin appears to have a role in maintaining relationships by encouraging eye contact between spouses. And it gets no better than that.[3]

7 Improved Skin and Bones

There are numerous advantages to living a nudist lifestyle for your skin when you’re not sleeping. Wearing clothing in hot weather can lead to the accumulation of bacteria in sweaty areas next to your skin, which frequently causes breakouts, rashes, and pimples. Furthermore, the harsh chemicals used to make textiles stain- or wrinkle-resistant might irritate skin. In addition, constricting clothing, particularly undergarments, frequently has straps and bands that press on our bodies in an uncomfortable way and eventually cause wrinkles that won’t go away. Moreover, some clothes might be really scratchy! A summer pool party would be awkward if you had to wear a bulky woolen sweater. More significantly, sunbathing while nude is a great way to get vitamin D, which is necessary for healthy bones, teeth, and immunity. The body uses vitamin D from sunshine exposure far more effectively than it does from food or supplements, and there is no chance of overdosing because our bodies know when to cease producing the substance. The amount that our bodies can produce, however, varies according on the time of day, individual skin tones, geographic region, and usage of sunscreen. Does that sound unclear?But any experienced naturist understands the ideal way to use the sun to “mine” vitamin D. The first and most important guideline is that the yield improves with more exposed skin (plus, it’s much more fun that way). The optimum time of day is at noon when the sun is directly overhead. The closer one lives to the equator, the more effectively our bodies absorb this solar abundance. Some people may need to lie out a bit longer than others since lighter-skinned sunbathers create more of the vitamin quickly than darker-skinned persons whose melanin gets in the way. A naturist lifestyle is a healthy and comfortable decision from our skin to our bones. And while sunscreen is usually advised for lengthy exposure, one may allow himself to turn pink first before applying the material, which should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

6 When Someone Is Naked, Everyone Is Equal

It’s not at all physical, but participating in naturist activities with others can produce one of the most fulfillingly delightful experiences. It’s an emotional feeling of equality with all people because everyone has flaws! Each morning, we carefully choose our costumes, or shells, to symbolize who we are to the outside world. There are chefs flaunting their trade in white aprons and businessmen flaunting their affluence in costly clothes. There are workers wearing orange vests that indicate a life of manual labor and first responders in outfits that inspire respect and admiration. We frequently find it difficult to look someone in the eyes if their dress is more fashionable than ours because it seems to be our flag of social standing. However, this can be resolved by throwing a nude garden party! When people see each other for the first time without the mask of a costume, they genuinely see each other as human beings. A preacher, a plumber, an artist, or an attorney could be the people you are shaking hands with. And what a sincere grasp of hands!—just the two of them, naked and exposed, greeting each other on an equal footing, without arrogance or deceit! The Japanese have a name for this kind of relationship called “hadaka no tsukiai,” which means “naked relationship” (also termed “skinship”), although this by no means implies sexual intimacy. You may have just struck up a conversation with a grocery store employee or an airline pilot. Either way, it’s all good. It is a long-standing custom to bathe in public onsens, or bathhouses, on an equal footing and without any make-up or embellishment. In Japan and many other parts of the world, communal bathing has been practiced for hundreds of years. Meanwhile, hot springs in the United States are growing more and more intolerant of nudity, permitting it only after dark or outright prohibiting it. Americans may want to think twice about this tendency as “skinship” appears to be a really wonderful method to meet new people.

5 Bathers Are Only Mean People!

There’s nothing like buck nude diving into a lake or swimming pool. You’ll be so happy feeling the cool water all over your body without having to wear a constricting swimsuit that you’ll wonder why more people don’t swim that way. For those who have never done it before, picture yourself visiting your favorite undeveloped beach and coming out of the water with no sand in your crotch wearing a wet, cold, and itchy suit long after the rest of you has dried. Imagine the wonderful freedom of emerging from the surf with a renewed sense of vitality and freshness, with the sun beaming down on your body, warming every curve. But there’s a chance you might decide you never want to wear a bikini again!A U.S. professional magazine has even advocated swimming naked. Public Health Service, at least when it comes to managing the summertime sea lice outbreaks that plague Florida’s southern Atlantic coast. The erroneously called “sea lice” are actually jellyfish larvae that snag on a swimmer’s skin or bathing suit. Once they bite, the resulting itching rash can be unsightly and persist for several days. Sea lice is never an issue for those who swim naked. Regretfully, public nudity is illegal in the state of Florida (as well as the other 49), with the potential for felony penalties, despite support for doing away with swimwear from an official government publication. As a result, the problem of sea lice is not likely to go away anytime soon. Of all, there was a time in America when skinny dipping in a creek or a swim hole in the woods was as common and unavoidable as apple pie, and no one had to be a naturist or nudist to do so. In addition to seeming appropriate on a sweltering summer day, it also made sense—a century ago, not every home had indoor plumbing, which made taking a shower challenging. It’s funny how the guys at the swim hole back then were unaware that they were engaged in criminal conduct.

4 The Sensation of Uniting with Nature

It’s typical to feel disconnected from Mother Nature these days, and nudist recreation is the best approach to rebuild a strong bond with the natural world. Walking along an open beach or woodland trail while the warm sun and gentle air playfully highlight your nudity is a lovely experience. Even though humans have been running around in their undies since the fall of Adam and Eve, the modern naturist movement, with its focus on “nature,” originated in the German Empire in the middle of the nineteenth century. Lebensreform was the German word for a number of social movements that rejected urbanization and yearned for a more natural way of life. One such was the Freikörperkultur, or FKK, a naturist lifestyle that promotes physical and mental equilibrium via nude outdoor enjoyment. Before the Nazi Party of the twentieth century attempted to put an end to the movement, the lifestyle had become rather popular. However, it had already spread to other nations in a variety of ways, and the United States was one of those nations. If you go through an extensive list of nudist camps and resorts around the country, you’ll discover two commonalities across them all. The first is naturism, of course; the second is the idea of “nature” per se. True naturalists would explore the world in their underwear if permitted, but non-nudists could not fathom going outside without clothing! This is why nudist meetings are usually found by the water, on lakes, in forests, or even atop mountains. The Bare Mountain Retreat is located about thirty minutes from Boise, Idaho, and in the summer you may trek up the mountain in your underwear to take in the breathtaking alpine scenery. And over in Colorado, amid the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is the Mountain Air Ranch, about twenty miles from Denver. Ten miles of exclusive hiking routes wind through a virgin coniferous forest, home to foxes, birds, and deer—all of whom don’t have to wear stitches!Consequently, you will need to spend a lot of time in nature if you want to become a naturist, whether that means going on hikes, birdwatching, gardening, or camping. Just be cautious around poison ivy.

3 An Excellent Way to Keep Moving!

Naturists enjoy nothing more than to unwind while lounging on their favored, plush beach towel. But more often than not, they’re working up a sweat and getting off that towel. Going on a trek in your underwear is a great way to start the summer. June 21 is National Naked Hiking Day, a celebration that is quickly turning into an official nudist holiday. While many choose to spend the day on private property, some decide to take a slightly more daring approach. Since there is no federal law prohibiting nudity, many hikers decide to explore national parks without clothes, thinking that they will be safe from government enforcement. However, in all actuality, they face the possibility of being charged with disorderly behavior. Either way, it’s a risky business, but naturists are also subject to the idea of safety in numbers. On the first day of summer, backpacking nudists seem to be drawn to the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail, if that interests them. While playing naked volleyball at the beach seems like a carefree and enjoyable pastime, the game is taken very seriously at the White Thorn Lodge in western Pennsylvania as the summer draws to an end. Every year, over 90 teams compete in the Superbowl of Naked Volleyball, which takes place the weekend after Labor Day. Every year, more than 1,500 competitors and spectators attend this significant event. Even though players who are not nudists are free to compete, everyone must be completely nude on the court, with the exception of shoes. The competition has grown so much in popularity that ESPN welcomed a team in 2009, and one of the writers was a senior writer who wrote a story about the festival for their magazine. Indeed, the ESPN teammates had to take off their clothes as they entered the court, just like the other players. [8] You can find examples of nude skiing, surfing, horseshoeing, and tennis, among other sports. And after engaging in all that strenuous action, you would undoubtedly be extremely appreciative of the chance to recline on your most comfortable beach towel.

2 An Excellent Approach to Enter Politics

Or at least demonstrations. Consider GoTopless Day as an example. Every year, on the Sunday closest to August 26, the anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s enactment, women march throughout American cities baring their breasts in support of Women’s Equality Day. This is all in support of gender equality, with the reasoning being that judgments that were made based on gender, and so prejudiced, include the denial of voting rights to women before 1920 and the intolerance of women wearing skimpy clothing in public. These pro-nipple demonstrations take place in a number of places, including Denver, Venice Beach, and New York, however COVID-19 appears to have shut down a few of them like it has everything else. Guys, don’t worry—you’re free to march as well. Ironically, though, a large number of those males also frequently don brassieres. Think for yourself!Alternatively, going for a naked bike ride could satisfy your activist and naturist desires simultaneously. The World Naked Bike Ride was started by Conrad Schmidt in 2003, and since then, it has become incredibly popular all over the world. Each year, participants get naked, wear helmets (ideally), and ride bikes and occasionally skateboards. The original goal of the event was to protest war, but that quickly changed to become a statement against oil dependency as well as a celebration of the human body. These joyous bike rides are now held yearly in 70 cities across 20 countries, but the main focus of the theme has mostly shifted to support cyclists. The WNBR has taken place on multiple dates in dozens of American cities. Despite the fact that many cities have tight laws prohibiting indecent exposure, not many people have been arrested for it. Most people ignore the motorcyclists’ actions as long as they are continuing. If participating in nude protests has become your favorite past time, you ought to go to San Francisco. There have been known protests in that city in support of causes including the rights of sex workers, police brutality, and even the 2008 Olympic torch controversy. Hell, there are even nude protests against the 2012 nudity ban the city was forced to enact (mostly because of all the nudity protesting). But honestly, how successful can the dumb ban be if the bitter cold winds that lash over the Bay Area can’t even convince San Franciscans to stay warm in their clothes?[9]

1 Extended Leafless Life

Ever wonder why there are so many elderly people attending nudist camps? Various viewpoints contend that membership costs are simply too expensive for a younger audience or that the absence of interactive online advertising, which appeals to Generations Y and Z, deters them. Another argument holds that a generation of flower child persuasions that frequently stripped at concerts and protests is represented by the higher percentage of elder nudists, and that old habits die hard. However, research also indicates that naturalists outlive the hapless “textilist,” a word used to describe someone who is passionate about dressing. So throw aside that metaphorical fig leaf and load up on Ensure because, if you live naked, chances are you’ll be here for a while. Some people, however, are rarely genuinely nude for more than a minute or two when getting dressed. Dr. David B. Agus contends that this is not a positive thing in his 2014 book A Short Guide to a Long Life. Rather than ignoring the warning signs that our body may be trying to send us, people should take the time to examine themselves in the mirror at least once a week or more. Blotches and rashes that would otherwise go unnoticed can be indicators of medical issues, like skin cancer, that we need to jump on. Participating in group activities while nude also helps to prevent us from ignoring these signs. Additionally, it’s a good idea to identify any parts of our bodies that need improvement and address those concerns when we’re by ourselves at home and staring in the mirror. A healthy sense of comfort in your skin keeps you in your skin longer. In addition, Dr. Len Kravitz, an exercise science professor at the University of New Mexico, once said in a lecture in 2015 that longevity is dependent on minimizing stress, proper exercise, a good social life, and enjoyable activities that provide laughter. Just remember to treat yourself with compliments as you watch your waist get smaller or your complexion clear up over time. All of that sounds a lot like an average day at a resort for nudists! Is a naturist lifestyle more about leisure than it is about longevity?With his nude cold-air baths, Benjamin Franklin lived to be eighty-four, which was quite old for him. How about actress Helen Mirren, who, at seventy-six, is still gorgeous, healthy, and willing to say that she enjoys playing around in her underwear? The creator of the French Naturist Foundation, Christiane Lecocq (don’t laugh!), passed away in 2015 at the age of 103. [10] As a result, even though you might run into a lot of elderly people at your neighborhood nudist club, you probably won’t see oxygen tanks, walkers, or wheelchairs. Those that are active, joyful, and in good health will be exhibiting longevity, laughing, and living life to the fullest—all while getting a tan all over.

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